House Secrets

House Secrets

House Secrets

Explore the house to throw light upon its secrets in the fascinating game House Secrets! Are you ready to involve into the amazing game with a dynamic gameplay and cool mysterious soundtrack? Launch the hidden object game House Secrets and develop your logic skills! All the houses firmly keep their secrets about the generations of people living there. And the older the house is the more secrets it has… What happened there: happy wedding ceremonies or cruel murders, spiritualistic séances or mysterious pagan rituals? You’ll never discover the truth until the house is ready to share it with you.

So, don’t waste your time and start playing the game House Secrets right now! All the players, both novices and professionals will appreciate the game and find there scenes to everybody’s taste. Choose the difficulty mode and start playing!

Try the “Casual” mode if you want to have a rest and play without problems. But if you want to boost your logic skills and have fun at the same time – the “Normal” game mode is what you are waiting for! True fans of hidden object games have a unique chance to try their luck in the expert mode which will be unlocked if you complete all the tasks and get stars in the casual or normal modes.

There are lots of locations to explore in the game House Secrets, each of them has a list of object that you are intended to find. Train your attention and keen eyes to cope with the tasks lightning fast and get stars for completed stages in the mysterious house. There are lots of them: a Kitchen, a Living room, an Attic or even a bathroom with lots of items to find. It’s up to you to choose the way of looking for the necessary items – you can play by picture, by word or even by silhouette (the most difficult game mode, they say).

Enjoy the nice graphics, fulfill all the stages in the game House Secrets and become the true detective! What mystery the strange house is hiding? Play the game House Secrets and find all the skeletons in the cupboard!


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