Wicked Witches Game Pc Free Download

Wicked Witches Game Pc Free Download

Wicked Witches Game Pc Free Download

Have you ever wished to turn unpleasant people into frogs?
What about striking deadly chain lightning spell to see who gets the last laugh?
And why not morph yourself into a fire breathing dragon to turn the whole place to dust?
That is what you can just do in “Wicked Witches”.

You incarnate an evil witch on her path to become the scariest of them all, leaving nothing behind but villagers screaming to death!
You choose your own way to achieve your goal by casting deadly spells, enchanting the environment or morphing yourself into terrible forms!
Oh and whoever says witches says flying on a broomstick, you will of course be able to fly on your broomstick as well any time you want!

In this third person shooter style game, you will increase your witchcraft power every time you play. 
You will play in levels inspired by the most popular fairy tales, but this time, you will be the vilain!
Look out fairies… it’s PAYBACK TIME!

  1. run setup.exe
  2. tick the little box  Copy contents of PLAZA directory to installer
  3. play game from shortcut
  4. FILE SIZE : 890MB

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