This puzzle Online could not end it only 4,000 people in the world ... >>>>

This is a game, one of the online games .

And discovery and tested calm your nerves, for you that you're kind of nervous going to explode without a doubt

It is a closed room length of days and you are cooped up inside it .... You are in a locked room tightly .... and you have to find 13 element exists

Room until you open up the room and come out of her if any of the 0-6 ratio of the elements of your intelligence, unfortunately, very, very low: !!:

And if any of the elements of the 6-8 ratio of low your intelligence, but not to the point of stupidity .. As if any of the elements 9-10 proportion of your intelligence

Good and if any element you enjoy 11-12 by high intelligence and above normal ..

And that I managed to find all the things Vcetkona one of the 4,000 people who were able to find it and get out of the room successfully

Clearly the game is not easy and you need all the time and think

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